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Count Léopold Lippens

Posted on 20 February, 2021

Count Léopold Lippens

Chers membres,

Nous avons le regret de vous annoncer la disparition de notre cher Président, le Comte Léopold Lippens, qui nous a quitté ce jour.

C'est un homme exceptionnel à qui nous disons adieu. Sa vision, son dévouement pour notre golf et plus largement pour la commune resteront à jamais gravés dans nos mémoires et dans l'histoire.

Nous avons eu le privilège de pouvoir partager sa joie de vivre, son sens de l'humour, de la beauté et du détail.

Il a fait de notre commune un lieu d’exception que d’aucuns nous envient. Il était très fier de « son »club et nous lui serons éternellement reconnaissants d’avoir tant oeuvré à sa qualité et sa réputation.

Nous présentons nos plus sincères condoléances à ses enfants, ses petits-enfants et l'ensemble de sa famille tout en leur souhaitant le courage nécessaire pour surmonter cette pénible épreuve.

Beste leden,

Tot onze grote spijt moeten wij u het heengaan van onze Voorzitter, Graaf Léopold Lippens, die vandaag is overleden, aankondigen.

Het is een uitzonderlijke man van wie we afscheid nemen.

Wij zullen zijn visie, zijn toewijding aan onze golf en aan onze gemeente blijvend herinneren. Hij zal inderdaad voor altijd deel uitmaken van onze rijke geschiedenis.

We hebben het voorrecht gehad om zijn levensvreugde, zijn gevoel voor humor en zijn liefde voor schoonheid en voor details te mogen delen. Hij heeft van onze gemeente een uitzonderlijke oord gemaakt die anderen ons benijden.

Hij was trots op "zijn" club en wij zullen hem eeuwig dankbaar zijn voor de toewijding die hij aan de dag legde om de kwaliteit en de reputatie ervan hoog te houden.

We betuigen onze diepste medeleven aan zijn kinderen, kleinkinderen en de hele familie en wensen hen de nodige moed toe in deze moeilijke momenten.

Bernard Jolly - Président de la Compagnie "Het Zoute"
Vincent Vandessel - Captain RZGC
Jos Vankriekelsvenne - Directeur RZGC

Golf World Top 100

Posted on 02 June, 2020

Dear members,

In recent years, we have made many adjustments and improvements to our courses as part of our Master Plan. The regular player has undoubtedly already noticed this positive evolution in the course quality. And although we are still in the middle of implementing this Master Plan, even abroad people are starting to notice these changes.

The American "Golf-World" magazine places us 13th in its top 100 in Continental Europe. And thus on an equal footing with other European top clubs such as Koninklijke Haagsche and Falkenstein. We are convinced that we will be able to consolidate and even strengthen this place in the European top in the years to come. Not only in terms of track and playing quality, but also in terms of the general atmosphere and hospitality. The renovation of the clubhouse and pro shop, and the alterations to the hotel and vestaire will certainly contribute to this.

Below you can find a scan of the article in question.

Masterplan winter 2020

Posted on 28 April, 2020

During the winter and the Covid-lockdown of 2020 our greenkeepers kept on working to prepare our course for the new season.
Multiple changes and improvements where made to our courses and infrastructure.

New tee box on hole 6 PAR 72 and some improvements to the area's around the tee's.

Thinning bushes and removing tree's around our greens.

Reworking and rerouting the cart paths.

New infrastructure on the driving range.

Regular maintenance and resowing of parts of the course

Concours - Wedstrijden 2020

Posted on 04 March, 2020

Cher Membre,

A partir d'aujourd'hui, vous pouvez consulter en ligne le calendrier des concours 2020 sur notre site web.

Après réception des dernières confirmations, nous espérons pouvoir vous proposer la version imprimée pour le 20 mars prochain.

Salutations sportives

Jos Vankriekelsvenne

Directeur RZGC


Geacht Lid,

Vanaf vandaag kan U de wedstrijdkalender 2020 on-line raadplegen op onze website.

Na ontvangst van de laatste bevestigingen hopen wij U de gedrukte versie te kunnen aanbieden tegen 20 maart e.k.

Sportieve groeten

Jos Vankriekelsvenne

Directeur RZGC

Ladies Calendar 2020

Posted on 28 February, 2020

Dear Ladies,

We present you our new programme of the ladies competitions.
Don't hesitate to write it in your diary. The 2020 season will be very exciting.
We hope to see you many.

Our new season begins the 13th of March with Mitsubishi, single QC.

We would like to ask you to pay the membership fee of €50 through our "Ladies'day" bank account:
BE23 0017 6741 7091

With mention : "Ladies membership" + Your player's name (important to recognise you...).

Michele Van Dessel
Christine Navet

Seniors Calendar 2020

Posted on 28 February, 2020

Dear Fellow Seniors,

The 2020 season will be kicked-off on March 6th with the Velu Vins prize, offered by François Bersou, our very good and old friend of the RZGC Seniors.

You will find the full program in the table attached to this mail: it consists of 13 competitions played on Friday’s outside school holidays in alternance with the Ladies. Thank you very much to our new and loyal donators; without them, the Senior club could not exist.

This year, we innovate with an interclub annual challenge against the Royal Ostend Golf Club on May 8th; 20 players of each club will be playing and the annual challenge will be given to the winning team during the dinner after the competition. We start this new challenge on the Ostend course but will be playing on our course in 2021.

The annual « out-of-the-country » competition will take place on September 14th-17th in Deauville; but, on the Monday, we will stop and play on Le Touquet and the next morning, we will drive to Deauville where we will be playing on 2 different courses on Tuesday and Wednesday before going back home on Thursday or on Wednesday night for those willing to stay only 1 night in Deauville. More details on prices and accommodations will follow soon.

Rules for the season are the same:

50€ for the entire season to be paid at Olivier before your first competition; subscription is the same whatever the number of competition you play during the season

50€ will also be asked for the non-playing seniors partners wishing to come to the prize givings (also to be paid at Olivier)

7€ green-fee for each competition to be paid at Olivier

Registration to the competitions on I-Golf

Prize giving at 6.30pm after the competition (except for Billecart prize) with free drinks and tapas (wine will be as usual a « grand cru » from the Senior cellar)

For each competition, the top 3 scores on each course will gain respectively 3, 2 and 1 point and each participant will score 0,2 loyalty bonus point; at the end of the season, the points will be summed up and the first 3 players (2 courses cumulated) will receive exclusive gifts.

If you want to spend nice Fridays and have fun in a relax and cool atmosphere, the Senior club is for you, don’t hesitate and come along.

See you soon

Your happy captain

Jacky Blomme

6 MarchVelu VinsFrançois Bersou4BBB
20 MarchCapitaineCapitaineSingle
24 AprilZoom-ZoomJean ParentSingle flag
1 MayGirlsBrigitte LebedoffScramble à 2
8 MayChallenge royal de la crevette griseRoyal Ostende - Royal Zoute1st édition 20 players maximum/team 70€/player, meal included
19 JuneBillecart-SalmonBillecart-Salmon4BBB
Team of 1 senior and 1 lady Prize giving on Sunday
3 JuliAmis du LundiLuc van der Schueren4BBB
27 AugustServaisNadia et Henri ServaisChapman canadien
Shotgun lunch at 2pm
11 SeptemberSparkling Michèle's prizeMrs. Michèle Blaimont, Michèle Harlaux, Michèle Herpain & Michèle Van Dessel4BBB
25 SeptemberSmart PlanMarc Meurant3B2BB
16 OctoberCoversealBenoît Coenraets4BBB
30 OctoberSoyer-MametPatrice BourgSingle
13 NovemberHannon SportsFamilie Hannon3B2BB
4 DecemberClosingSenior clubPatsome
Shotgun buffet lunch/sweet at 2.30pm