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Golf World Top 100

Posted on 02 June, 2020

Dear members,

In recent years, we have made many adjustments and improvements to our courses as part of our Master Plan. The regular player has undoubtedly already noticed this positive evolution in the course quality. And although we are still in the middle of implementing this Master Plan, even abroad people are starting to notice these changes.

The American "Golf-World" magazine places us 13th in its top 100 in Continental Europe. And thus on an equal footing with other European top clubs such as Koninklijke Haagsche and Falkenstein. We are convinced that we will be able to consolidate and even strengthen this place in the European top in the years to come. Not only in terms of track and playing quality, but also in terms of the general atmosphere and hospitality. The renovation of the clubhouse and pro shop, and the alterations to the hotel and vestaire will certainly contribute to this.

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