Here you can find the latest news or announcements of Royal Zoute Golf Club.

Update renovation works 8 November

Posted on 08 November, 2018

The building of the scaffolding around the clubhouse has commenced. Please follow the instruction of the staff and the workmen.

A large part of our parking lot is reserved for the work-crew and their equipment. May we request that this reserved space is respected at all times.

Thank you.


​Update renovation works 15 October

Posted on 15 October, 2018

The new Starter cabin is rain and weatherproof.
Except for the roof, which needs some further finishing touches, the outside look of the cabin is finished.

The works inside are on schedule, the new insulated walls, preliminary electricity and heating related work is finished. Next week they will pour the concrete for the floor.

Schedule construction works winter 2018-2019

Posted on 08 October, 2018

The coming month's multiple big renovation works will commence.

Hereby the schedule of the works:

-October-November: Works on the Starter Cabine.
-10 October - 24 October: Preparations for the renovation Roof Clubhouse
-24 Ocotober - March 2019: Renovation Roof Clubhouse + renovation Changing rooms and showers
-November 2018 - January 2019: Construction Teaching centre.

We will do our best to minimise the inconvenience for all members and players.